Under Construction
Under Construction pardon our dust

Despite my best efforts, I couldn’t find a suitable specimen from the Internet Archive that adequately captured the spirit of early websites and the seemingly ubiquitous “under construction” gifs. That being said, I highly recommend perusing their archive of Geocities from the late 90s, as someone who came of age during that time it’s hard not to look around and feel a little wistful at how simple, optimistic, and ultimately naive the internet was at that time.

Flash forward to today, and it’s incredible what can be done with some choice javascript and a static site builder like Jekyll. This is only my third major redesign since launching andrewlloydgoodman.com in 2008, and my first since transitioning to Wordpress in 2011. Which is a long way of saying that this was overdo. Although in my defense I’ve been a bit busy with becoming a parent, moving cross country, and undertaking quite a bit of construction irl with the purchase of my first house.

Ultimately I’m just thrilled to see the initial sketches from 2017 finally realized as a fully functional website all these months later. There’s still plenty of tweaking to be done (keep checking back), and much (much) more content to be uploaded, but in terms of a stable, viable site…I’d say we’ve arrived. I would like to take this moment to thank my amazing (and amazingly patient) partner, collaborator, and wife. She helped me to get things on track back in November and has been generous enough to provide me with the space, time, and toddler wrangling that I so desperately needed to get to this point. Thank you love.