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Text About All
Self portrait using RGB seperation

Andrew Lloyd Goodman is an artist, designer, and educator who lives and works in Maine, Vermont, Maryland, Rhode Island, Idaho…the United States. Andrew Lloyd Goodman has reservations about writing in the third person. Andrew Lloyd Goodman is not named after Andrew Lloyd Webber (despite his love of house cats). Andrew Lloyd Goodman’s work has been shown across the US and Europe, and encompasses graphic design, interactive installation, generative art, physical computing, and time-based media.

Andrew Lloyd Goodman’s interests are expansive, and include beer, brewing, cartoons, rowing, sailing, history, technology, ecology, mythology, and the emerging field of sarcobotics. Andrew Lloyd Goodman is terrified by his own mortality and desperately seeks to understand the nature of consciousness, time, and chance. Andrew Lloyd Goodman believes that if there is a will to the Universe it is most likely to manifest through the miraculous, improbable, weird. Andrew Lloyd Goodman is drawn to chaos. Andrew Lloyd Goodman craves control. Andrew Lloyd Goodman enjoys wearing random objects as hats.