Cardboard Robot Arena
Cardboard Robot Arena Citizen Scientific

I have know David Ultis of Citizen Scientific since 2010, and when he approached me about assisting with one of his projects I was more than happy to sign on. The project, Cardboard Robot Arena, was a robotics kit developed by Citizen Scientific that allowed users to build robots with foam weapons and cardboard bodies. In addition to controlling the robots with a smartphone app, users could also program the robots to perform basic functions autonomously (like identifying and attacking other robots). The robots also featured a mixed reality component that could be used in conjunction with a special play mat that would reveal hazards and power ups when viewed through a special app.

My role in the project was to develop branding and marketing materials to help secure sufficient crowd funding. In addition to designing and animating the Cardboard Robot Arena logo, I also put together some preliminary graphics packages that would be used to depict robot designs, weapons, accessories, and game types. While the project was unable to generate enough backing to move out of the prototype phase, I still take pride in what I was able to put together. Getting to work on a project that was so inherently playful was a real treat, and I hope there will be another opportunity to use the packing label inspired logos.