What is Gamification?
What is Gamification? Brown University

This project was undertaken as part of a larger initiative by Brown’s Academic Technology department to promote the efforts of our instructional designers. Gamification was identified as an area of interest, and my team was asked to produce a short video that would educate faculty on what gamification is and the merits of integrating it into their curriculum. I worked closely with my colleagues in the Instructional Technology Group (which houses the university’s instructional designers and technologist) to identify key concepts. From there I had complete creative freedom to approach the topic as I saw fit. Since much of gamification’s origins are rooted in video games, it seemed fitting to use a video game aesthetic. I had a lot of fun designing the 8-bit inspired “sprites”, and given the age of my target audience I felt like I could use some classic games as set pieces. From there it was just a matter of finding an appropriately up-beat and publicly licensed musical accompaniment. As an added bonus, I sprinkled in a few shoutouts to my department, and an animated 8-bit version of Brown’s official seal.