Tales from the Lab
Tales from the Lab print promotion for AS220

AS220 is one of the great creative institutions that calls Provide Rhode Island home. In addition to hosting a music festival, artist residencies, and studio spaces, AS220 is home to AS220 Industries, a series of interconnected workshop spaces including a printshop, darkroom, and maker space. Starting in 2013 I was regular participant in a weekly “open hack” in which the community was invited to come and participate (think of it as a 21st century sewing circle with more beards and soldering irons). During one particular open hack the conversation turned to the wooden dinosaur skeleton kits many of us remembered playing with as children. Since we had access to a CNC machine the we quickly started churning out giant sized foam dinosaurs. It was soon after that we had the idea to make miniature versions of the dinosaurs that could be handed out as promotional items, and “Tales from the Labs” was born.

Everything about this project was a blast. Getting to riff on pulp comic covers meant playing with some really fun typography and color palettes, and the over-the-top copy still makes me smile. I would have loved to fit an entire dinosaur on a single 3.5x5” sheet, but the parts would have ended up being too small to easily assemble. Instead I opted to borrow from comic books yet again, and organize each dinosaur into a two volume set. At some point I’d like to try and photograph the assembled dinosaurs again, as the photos I have just don’t do them justice.