experimental media art

Kelly Egan Collaborations


In 2012 I had the opportunity to collaborate with my good friend and colleague Kelly Egan on two new interactive pieces. Our first collaboration Vore (shown above) was originally created for the HOPE 9 conference in New York City. Sine we would be showing at one of the nation’s leading hacker conferences, we wanted to create a piece that would elevate the level of interaction beyond the simply conventions of pointing and clicking, and instead encourage participants to experiment with the piece by “feeding” it various forms of data. While technical constraints prevented Vore from being as omnivorous as we had originally intended, the piece proved successful enough to warrant a second outing to the Rhode Island Mini Maker Faire in August of that year.



Based on the success of Vore, Kelly and I teamed up on a second project, Assembly Line, which made its debut in the fall of 2012 as part of Interaction//Immersion. Like Vore, Assembly Line represents an exploration of interactivity beyond traditional physical interfaces. Since we knew Assembly Line would be shown in a historic factory building, we decided to create a piece that would reference the industrial past of the space both visually and conceptually. To this end we created a collaborative interface that required multiple individuals to fully activate the piece. When successful the participants would be shown a sequence of illuminated patent diagrams that were filed by the factory’s original owners.

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