experimental media art



Exhumation is an interactive exploration of the image’s role in the institution of scientific racism. Just as a body may be exhumed as part of a criminal investigation, the words and images in Exhumation represent a body of evidence that has been buried in the hopes of evading the prosecution of history. By actively sifting through a layer of sand, participants are able to reveal fragments of images and text taken directly from 19th century scientific texts. Through this physical act of digging, participants are presented with a sequence of interrelated words and images that demonstrate the ease with which bigotry and intolerance can masquerade as objective truth. Through this revelation Exhumation not only seeks to initiate a discussion on the history of racism, it also looks to implicate those who have participated in it. While we may associate racism with ignorance, it is important to witness its pervasiveness amongst the educated thinkers of the past. What is more, it is vital for artists and imagemakers to understand their responsibility as accomplices in the creation and perpetuation of racist ideology. Ultimately we are all inheritors of this legacy and we are all linked to the crime of racism through the body of words and images. If we are to resolve these transgression we must all get our hands dirty.



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